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Sprint Tech is the #1 source for the highest quality custom keypads at competitive prices.

Our Work Flow

We are here to assist you from the design phase all the way to your completed custom keypad.

Step 1: Design

Need help with your design? Our friendly engineers love to help. Send us your drawing or sketch, and one of our engineers will review your project and provide free engineering guidance with your keypad design.

Step 2: Quote Request

Send us a CAD drawing (.IGS and/or .STP) of your design. We will gladly review your project and provide you with a free competitive quote.

Step 3: Tooling

You choose either the cheaper prototype tooling to test your design or choose production tooling for your existing designs.

Step 4: Evaluation

Prototype or production tooling we produce a small run (prototypes) so you can test the parts and verify that our tooling matches your drawings. At this stage, it may be possible to add limited changes to your design. However, there will be a charge for modifications.

Step 5: Manufacturing

Once you approve the part we will move forward with your production run. Our facility operates under strict quality control procedures to insure high quality parts that match the approved prototypes.

Step 6: Delivery

Over 98% of our projects have been completed within the agreed upon time frame with no problems. We know that a happy customer is is a customer more likely to return for future projects.

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