Sprint Tech, Inc. is a manufacturer of custom-made silicone keypads, membrane switches and other custom injected molded plastic parts. We use state-of-the-art injection molding and compression molding processes in order to bring you the best silicone keypads on the market. As a part of maintaining the superior standard of quality, we only use advanced technology in our design and manufacturing processes. Whether these are keypads, gaskets, display windows or other specialty silicone products, our silicone products go through strict quality control. This is done to ensure that our customers receive maximum quality at an affordable price.

Sprint Tech Inc. provides engineering support services for your projects. Our customers receive comprehensive solutions on design support, fast tooling, prototyping, manufacture and quality control. All this in addition to competitive cost tooling and production. Contact Sprint Tech Inc. to further benefit from the expert advice of our engineers. These experts will guide you through the best route for quality design, performance, size, color, backlighting, price and volume — all the way to manufacture and delivery of the products.

Our goal at Sprint Tech Inc. is to provide our customers the perfect silicone keypads that will function flawlessly with the projects they have in mind. Our silicone molding capabilities extend from simple single keyboard shapes to the complicated PCB assemblies. We offer various finishing processes and choices to guarantee the features in your keypads are implemented exactly how you conceptualized them.

With customer service available in the United States, our customers are assured of excellent and personalized support. Any issues on your project will always be a top priority and are dealt with a fast turnaround time.

We at Sprint Tech Inc. are happy to serve you today. Feel free to request a quote from us, or ask a free engineering keypad sample. If you have other concerns, fill up our contact form and we will get in touch with you ASAP.