From Matte Finish to Silky Skin: A Closer Look at Silicone’s Anti-Aging Benefits

Presently, silicone is considered as by far the most recognizable trend used in products in the skin care market. The skin care niche is constantly on the move to search for solutions that would effectively treat and eliminate aging skin. This can be owed to the growing need of men and women around the globe to enhance their natural features alongside maintaining a youthful appearance.

The signs of skin aging include a number of unwanted changes such as the appearance of wrinkles, uneven pigmentation, and loss of elasticity. This has been combated by skin care product manufacturers through the development of cosmetics designed to temporarily improve skin appearance, prevent skin aging, and reverse the specific aspects of aged skin. Thus, it is important to note that silicone’s anti-aging properties has long been used in skin care products beginning in the 1950’s, and is continually creating an impact to the personal care industry.

Silicones are useful in various beauty products because of its versatility, biocompatibility, and hypo-allergenic nature. Unknown by many, the term “silicone” embodies a huge chain of polymers that range from low viscosity liquids to hard resins. Its extraordinary physical and chemical properties make it ideal for anti-aging skin care products. Although better known for its aesthetic properties, silicones are versatile enough to deliver effective anti-aging result.

Hence, the following are specific benefits that could be derived from silicone’s properties:

1. Creates Natural Look

Silicone elastomers can aid anti-aging products impart a more natural look. Immediately upon application, silicones bring about tiny, soft micro particles that fill the skin’s imperfections to create a natural look. These micro particles are held in place together with other silicone elements expected to prolong a long lasting, natural appearance.

2. Protects Skin

Dimethicone (a silicone-based polymer) is believed to perform a variety of useful functions, and many studies have been conducted to confirm these beliefs. One benefit of dimethicone is its ability to calm and safeguard the skin from suffering induced irritant contact dermatitis (ICD) and sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) skin problems. Likewise, this silicone-based polymer works to lessen redness and can also perform as an anti-inflammatory agent. Because of this, dimethicone is frequently utilized in combination with a lot more irritating ingredients, specifically titanium and zinc oxide, which are UV absorbing chemicals.

3. Hides Wrinkles

Wrinkles are significantly permanent indentions in the skin that appears in areas of the face that are stretched or compressed with varying facial expressions. The most impressive approach to concealing wrinkles is through the “soft-focus” phenomenon, wherein skin features such as wrinkles are “blurred” by the effect of the treatment. Spherical silicone elastomer and silicone resin particles can aid in hiding wrinkles and provide a soft-focus effect to enhance skin appearance. Apart from its aesthetic and optical properties, silicone elastomer particles are also known for strongly absorbing sebum.

4. Prevents Skin Aging

Research has it that the most important factor in skin aging is the skin’s exposure to ultraviolet radiation through sunlight. Numerous studies have shown that ultraviolet radiation produces cumulative skin problems that lead to the loss of skin’s elasticity and uneven pigmentation. Thus, silicone fluids are widely used in sunscreen formation because of its capacity to reduce the sticky and oily feel associated with high levels of organic sunscreen oils.

5. Treats Aged Skin

Consumers with signs of aging look for merchandise that might repair the damage and return skin to a more youthful glow. This being mentioned, anhydrous skin treatment products based on silicones provide protection from skin degeneration. This treatment is often sold as small gelatin capsules that provide a single application when the capsule is broken. This formulation is proven to be effective in aiding a tired and aged skin.

Being the body’s largest organ, it is vital for everyone to treat the skin with utmost importance. This level of care can be generously provided by silicone, which is designed to regard the skin in the way the rest of the human body is cared for.

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