Customer satisfaction is always our commitment at Sprint Tech, Inc. With the combined high quality standards and competitive prices in our products, we consistently make sure that all the details of your designs are executed exactly as you have envisioned it.

Custom Silicone Rubber Keypads and Other Parts

custom silicone keypads

Sprint Tech specializes in custom silicone rubber keypads and other custom silicone rubber parts. Whether it is a short run tooling for a small number of keypads or a large scale production run for a hundred thousand parts, we are here suit to your needs and time tables. We will often develop alternative, tailor-made options in order meet each customer’s specific requirements.

Custom Membrane Switches

membrane switch

Do you need a custom membrane switch or panel to fit your product? We can supply your membrane switch needs at high precision and tolerances. We have unlimited design and manufacturing capabilities that can deliver most user interface ideas into reality. Our membrane switches aims to achieve both optimal performance and eye-catching visual aesthetics.

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