Silicone Making its Way to the Kitchen

In our previous blog we’ve talked about how silicone affects the lives of end-users on a daily basis. From computers, household appliance, high grade medical devices, even your hair is getting its fair end of silicone ever day – depending on how often you use conditioner.

Silicone and Baking

Yes, silicone can be used in baking. And no, we’re not talking about mixing silicone liquid rubber in chickens and cookie dough. What we’re here to talk about is how silicone can increase the end-product of baking.

If you ever baked before you’d know that baking mats has an annoying way of retaining the scent of the food you’ve cooked previously. For instance, baking garlic breads would leave a lingering scent on the mat that is then going to transfer on the next food you’re going to cook. That presents a problem since you wouldn’t want your sweet cookies or pastries smelling like you placed garlic on them.

However, there is a baking mat that has received positive reviews regarding this very dilemma. Fortis Productions has developed a baking mat that incorporates silicone in them which helps prevent scents being absorbed by the mat.

Now this might be mundane news to you but to those who are fond of baking this is an excellent benefit. Fortis Productions has been praised by various customers that have already tried it themselves saying that not only will this save time, but will also help increase the quality of the food they serve.

Satisfied buyers also stated that the mats are rather easy to wash with just merely soap and warm water. And because it doesn’t absorb odor, users will not have to worry about the mat getting that funky smell overtime that they’ve experienced on other products that they’ve baked on.

Other Kitchen Products

The use of silicone in the kitchen doesn’t just limit on baking mats. Innovative kitchen products are being developed every day; products that can lessen the task of cooking.

Earlier this month, a gathering of about 2,100 houseware companies, big and small, has showed off their latest and most popular product at the International Home and Houseware Show conducted at McCormick Place.

There were two products incorporated with silicone that caught the eye of well-known houseware critics and has deemed the items a must-have.

One item called a Tortilla Warmer is among such item. It’s a simple, flexible, two-piece perforated steamer that is excellent at steaming vegetables and heating up pancakes.

Another product is yet of simplicity. Called Pop Top, it is used to cook popcorns in with minimal kernels left unpopped. The products expand as the kernels inside begins to heat allowing room for those slow kernels to be cook.

The competition between silicone companies has accelerated the advancement of this product. New forms of silicone are being developed and introduced in the market with months between them getting closer by the year. Time and joint effort is going to further increase the sophistication, benefits, and overall quality that silicone can offer.

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